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Young, Hung and Full of Cum – Futanaria Video and Pics

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If figured it was about time I featured another one of these fun little Futanaria videos since the last one I posted was back in September. Everyone here should know the score by now but in case you are new to the scene let me fill you in: Yes, it’s fake. Everything at is fake. I don’t think anything there was ever supposed to be taken seriously but after reading some people’s comments on the previous posts that’s not totally apparent to everyone.

One more time just to drive the point home: Futanaria is fake. It’s also fun and hot. Personally, I love it. Hentai is fake too so I really don’t see a difference you know? Anyway, if you are one of those people that really don’t like the fakeness of Futanaria all I can say is, there will be a new piece of hentai tomorrow so come on back and check it out. For everyone else I say, enjoy the video and free pics!

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