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Your New Job by Stylix

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You start to bow your head from exhaustion, but the hook prevents you and ruins any moment of comfort you may have had. The cum and milk drain into the tubes coming from your body and you see it running into the small pump in front of you. Some of the fluid continues to flow down another tube away from you, while the hose attach to your gag dumps a fresh payload into your mouth. It’s then that you realize you are being force fed your own milk and cum. The purple slime is being pumped in from another hose and mixed with your fluids. Whatever it is, it’s corrupting your body and keeping you in a docile state.

As you are forced to swallow a big load you hear clapping and laughter from a dark corner of the room. The figure stands up and walks over to you, mocking and teasing you. “Mmm, and I thought it was fun watching you squirm and cum while you were unconscious, but you really put on quite a show when you’re awake!” The demoness’s voice makes you blush and you tilt your head to the side in shame. “Aww, what’s wrong sweetie?”, she reaches down and strokes your hair softly while you tremble. “Don’t tell me you already forgot who I am.”

“Just a few days ago you showed up at this little factory and I so graciously offered you a job on our line.” She runs her fingertips gently down your back and stops as she reaches your ass, “…but you so rudely declined and tried to start a fight!”. Her hand raises up and she gives you a firm spanking, leaving several hand prints behind. “I could tell that you really wanted to work here though, after all your attempt at getting past me was so pathetic that I couldn’t help but think it was just a ruse.” She stops for a moment and rubs your red ass cheeks tenderly. “Secretly you wanted to be here, you were just too shy to admit it.”, she says with a smirk.

– Stylix

A sexy picture and a sexy story courtesy of Stylix! What more can I say other than “Enjoy!” and give your thanks to the artist!

– Rexxon

Stylix ~ Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “Your New Job by Stylix”

    • Salizar:

      I seem to recall this story being one of the endings to Corruption of Champions.

    • Dravens:

      Seems to be one of the many bad ends in CoC. Slightly adapted of course but its still the same.

    • 1901:

      I only just started playing Corruption of Champions and I recognised this instantly! Awesome!

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